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Aga Khan, the Pig Farmer!

Many Ismailis deny that their “spiritual father” Aga Khan is involved in Haram businesses. So we have collected all evidence for you on his pork business.

Who Owns the Largest Pig Farm in Africa?

Yes, you’ve guessed it right! Aga Khan Shah Karim, the Hazir Imam or “spiritual father” of the Ismaili community, owns the largest pig farm in the entire continent of Africa!

The Aga Khan owns 30,000 pigs, which are bred, slaughtered, processed, packaged and supplied to local markets in Kenya as well as exported around the world.

This pork business operation is conducted by Aga Khan’s company based in Kenya called the Farmer’s Choice Limited (FCL).

Aga Khan Owns the Farmer’s Choice Limited

According to University of Nairobi’s research paper on the Pig Sector of Kenya, “The factory slaughters 400 pigs per day and processes 350 pig carcasses per day into products such as ham, bacon, sausages and burgers. Fifty percent of the carcasses come from Farmer’s Choice own farms while the rest are supplied by contract farmers (of which there are currently about 120 nationwide, most of whom are based within a 100 km radius of the factory) or other pig farmers.”

According to the report cited above, Aga Khan’s company (Farmer’s Choice Limited) is the main supplier of pork and pork products to domestic and export markets.

The Ismaili website reported during their visit to Kenya, Aga Khan’s son Rahim Aga Khan and his wife Salwa visited a number of companies that comprise Industrial Promotion Services (IPS), the part of the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED) focusing on infrastructure and industrial development. These included Farmer’s Choice, Frigoken and Allpack Industries.

Pork accounts for 90% of the sales at Farmer’s Choice Limited. But to expand its business, they have also ventured into beef, chicken etc., under the brand ‘Choice Meats,’ which accounts for only 10% of the revenue.

Understanding Aga Khan’s Pork Business Network

Farmer’s Choice is a company based in Kenya. It is owned by the Industrial Promotion Serivces (IPS). The IPS is an industrial development arm of the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED), which is a subsidiary of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN).

Lutaf Kassam is a member of the AKFED Executive Committee. He is responsible for AKFED’s global portfolio on Industry and Infrastructure and overseas operations in East Africa, West Africa, Asia and Canada.

Speaking to Reuters, Lutaf Kassam said, “the IPS is owned by the Aga Khan, the spiritual head of the Ismailia community.”

It’s clear that the AKDN’s top executives are not ashamed of Aga Khan’s pork business. They have proudly mentioned Farmer’s Choice on their website as well. Farmer’s Choice was established in 1980, and sells fresh and processed pork products in Kenya according to AKDN.

Click here to see Farmer’s Choice Ltd in the list of companies owned by Aga Khan under the banner of AKFED. In case, they might delete the web-page, we have also saved it in PDF form for reference (click here to download).

Furthermore, on page 73 of ‘Political Ecologies of Meat’, Jody Emel writes, “Farmer’s Choice Limited is owned by the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (a for-profit company based in Geneva).”

Farmer’s Choice Ltd.

According to a report, “Farmer’s Choice was founded in 1980, with the central purpose of selling fresh and processed pork products to all income groups in Kenya. To this day, the core business of Farmer’s Choice has been the production of fresh sausages, bacon, ham and pork.

According to the company’s own website, Farmer’s Choice was acquired by Aga Khan-owned IPS Group, having majority shareholding.

Mumtaz Ali Tajddin in his Encyclopedia of Ismailism writes about the IPS being the industrial arm of Ismailism. He sees absolutely no problem with its pork business. As long as it is generating revenue, it seems the Ismaili community is happy with their pig farmer imam.

In fact, IPS proudly mentions Aga Khan’s pig business on their website as well.

In the end, we invite all Ismailis to go to Farmer’s Choice website and count the number of pork products their imam sells. We will give cash prize to the Ismaili who tells us the exact total number of pork items on their menu! So dear Ismaili volunteers, get to work and count on…


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