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Aga Khan’s Haram Businesses – Shocking Revelations by Br. Bilal Khanwani

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Allah sent the last Prophet Muhammad (saw) with Qur’an as the last divine book for the guidance of all generations to come till the Last Day. The Qur’an being the Word of Allah is the foundation of Islamic Law.

What is Halal and what is Haram, everything is clear-cut in Islam. There’s no ambiguity regarding gambling, usury, pork, etc., being Haram in Islam. However, the man who is worshiped as Khudaawand or god by the Ismaili community is involved in all Haram businesses.

He, himself, is misguided but claims to be the “spiritual father” and “guide” of over 1 million people. In this episode, we discuss all the Haram businesses of Aga Khan; the impostor who claims to be from the bloodline of Ali (RA)

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Aga Khan's Dark Noor

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