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Aga Khan’s Inside Story – a Materialist Spiritual Father of the Ismaili Community

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We will discuss how Aga Khan and his family live a lavish life with all the money Aga Khan receives from the Ismaili Jamat as their “spiritual father.”

The Aga Khan refers to himself as the Ismailis’ imam, but in reality, he is a cult leader and extortionist who demands the worship of his Ismaili followers and measures their devotion by the amount of money they give him.

The Aga Khan has designed a system of extortion in which the Ismailis must buy their way into certain Jamat Khana congregations to ask the Aga Khan for the forgiveness of their sins. The Aga Khan and his forefathers are carousers and cult leaders, who brainwashed the Ismailis to swindle millions of dollars from their pockets every month.

They have kept naive Ismailis in so-called spiritual bondage to keep pumping money into their lavish, jet-setter, playboy lifestyle and to maintain their multiple mansions, villas, private jets, islands, mistresses, horses, studs, hotels, airlines, yachts etc.

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Aga Khan's Dark Noor

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