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Akbar Ali Ghulam Hussain: The Ex-AgaKhani Martyr

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Akbar Ali Ghulam Hussain was a famous AgaKhani who left AgaKhanism when he realized how they have been duped by the Aga Khan. He openly challenged AgaKhanism and exposed the Kufr and deviance in that cult. He started preaching AgaKhanis to embrace Islam and start praying to Allah. It came to a point that he challenged Aga Khan by filing a lawsuit against his satanic cult in Pakistan due to which he was assassinated by the Hashashin terrorists of Aga Khan.

Aga Khan’s terrorists can martyr ex-AgaKhanis, but they cannot silence the voice of Haqq (Truth). More than ever, AgaKhanis are leaving AgaKhanism in droves to embrace the Light of Islam and Shaheed Akbar Ali will keep getting the reward for his sacrifice and Dawah work.

May Allah grant him Jannat-ul-Firdows! In this episode, we discuss Shaheed Akbar Ali’s life with people who knew him personally and saw his journey from AgaKhanism to Islam.

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