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Do Ismailis or AgaKhanis Commit Shirk (Associating Partners with Allah)?

Most Ismailis keep asking this question: “Where do we commit Shirk in our prayers and rituals?” Even though they understand the basic meaning of Shirk, that is, associating partners with Allah, they have no idea how their Ismaili Aqaayid, prayers, and rituals are full of Shirk.

Aga Khanis/Ismailis have always been entangled in controversy throughout history due to their Baatini (esoteric) practices and Taqqiyah policy. Due to this double-faced policy, the majority of them are confused about their own religion. They believe there is nothing unIslamic about their Aqaayid, prayers and rituals.

They do believe Shirk is wrong, but they don’t understand how they, themselves, are actually committing Shirk, which is unforgivable by Allah.

In this program, we will explain with Qur’an and Sunnah how the Ismailis/AgaKhanis practice Shirk in their Aqaayid, rituals, and prayers.

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