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Evaluating Ismailism by the Standard of Nubuwah (Prophethood)

According to famous AgaKhani scholars like Dr. Khalil Andani, all Prophets were spirituality trained and initiated by the “imam” of their times.

Ismaili/AgaKhani scriptures put Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) seven ranks below Abu Talib whom they believe was “imam of that time.”

Ismaili missionaries claim Muhammad (ﷺ) became Prophet after going through a spiritual training headed by Abu Talib. They believe it was Abu Talib who raised the rank of Muhammad (ﷺ) to Prophethood, instead of Allah.

In this episode, we discuss the concept of Nubuwah (prophethood) in Ismailism/AgaKhanism in contrast to Islam.

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