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First Look Inside the Secretive Aga Khani Temple in Gilgit

Ismailis gather 3 times a day in their place of worship, which is called Jamat Khana.

No Muslim is allowed to enter the Jamat Khana during those extremely secretive prayer sessions.

They call these sessions “namaz” and “dua,” but in reality, they have nothing to do with the Islamic namaz and dua.

In fact, they look similar to Hindu worship of idols where they praise the Aga Khan and beg him for the forgiveness of their sins by paying a certain amount to the Mukhi (Jamat Khana priest).

Also, just like Christians pray in front of photos, Ismailis pray in front of the Aga Khan’s photo. Ismailis believe Aga Khan is the Noor of Allah.

Jamat Khanas are basically like community centers where men and women mingle on a daily basis and have casual chit chat and more.

Ismaili girls can be seen in Western attire and full make-up in the above video as well.

There is no dress code and no gender segregation, because Aga Khan believes in feminism just like his Western masters.

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Aga Khan's Dark Noor

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