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From Agakhanism to Islam: Personal Stories of Ex-Agakhani-Ismailis [Episode 1]

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Our ex-Agakhani-Ismaili guest, Shahnawaz Lakhani, used to be Mukhi (missionary) in a Jamatkhana. He left Agakhanism about 13 years ago when he realized how it clashes with Islam in fundamental matters of Deen.

Not only was he a Mukhi in Jamatkhana, but he also headed Agakhani-Ismaili committees and was paid quite well by the Aga Khan institutions. He left it all for Islam, for Haqq (Truth) and for his ultimate salvation.

In this episode, he shares his personal story of the experiences and events in his life that made him question the heretic cult of Aga Khan. He shares how lack of answers and clarity in Agakhanism; all the confusions in their theology and clear-cut contradictions led him to seek Allah’s guidance in Qur’an and Sunnah, which is why he decided to leave Agakhanism and become a Muslim.

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