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Inside Story of Jamatkhanas

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What are Agakhanis trying to hide from Muslims? Why are Muslims not allowed inside Jamatkhanas? Find out the inside story of Jamatkhanas in today’s episode.

In this episode, we give an open invitation to all our listeners (Agakhanis and non-Agakhanis) to share their experiences regarding Jamatkhana.

Jamatkhana is a place of worship of the Agakhani community. Most people don’t know that Muslims are not allowed to enter the Jamatkhana when Agakhani rituals are taking place. So Muslims who have interacted with Agakhanis always wonder what happens behind the closed doors of Jamatkhanas.

We invite our listeners to explain what is so secretive about Agakhanism that requires them to lock the doors for non-Agakhanis. If they are “Muslims” as they always claim, why are they hiding their rituals from Muslims?! Let’s find out everything about Jamatkhanas in this episode.

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