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Ismaili Priest Khalil Andani Makes Blasphemous Remarks about Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Khalil Andani not only denies the Seal of Prophethood, but he also tries to belittle Nubuuwah and makes blasphemous remarks about Muhammad (ﷺ).

Khalil Andani says, according to high-ranking Ismaili scholars, all major Prophets were spirituality trained and initiated by the “imam” of their times. He puts Prophet Muhammad seven ranks below Abu Talib whom he claims was “imam of the time.”

Abu Talib died as a Kafir according to all Islamic sources, but Khalil Andani claims Muhammad (ﷺ) became Prophet after going through a hierarchy of spirituality headed by Abu Talib. He further blasphemes by calling Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) a “disciple” of Bibi Khadijda.

As per Khalil Andani’s Harvard ranking, Bibi Khadija, Zayd ibn Amr and Ubayy ibn Ka’b were on a higher rank than Muhammad (ﷺ) in terms on spirituality. He says, according to Pamiri Ismaili tradition, the entire universe, the Heaven and Adam (AS) were created from the “light” of Abu Talib.

In the end, he denies the role of Allah by saying that it was Abu Talib who raised the rank of Muhammad (ﷺ) to Prophethood, instead of Allah. He places Abu Talib over everything else, including Allah’s Will and Power.

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