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LEAKED: Khalil Andani’s Shocking Lecture on Ismailism

This is a compilation of footage taken from secret live sessions/streams that Khalil Andani held for the Agakhani Ismailis who follow him. These were held behind closed doors and were not meant for outsider non-Ismailis, and so Khalil is unfiltered in what he says and does not try to hide anything.

We were able to get access to these streams and have put together the footage that shows the reality of the Agakhani Ismailis. We hope to raise awareness by spreading this video out so that people like Khalil Andani cannot spread misinformation to Muslims or Non-Muslims alike, and we hope that the Agakhani Ismailis who look up to Khalil and follow him can get a sense of the ridiculous statements he makes without any backing.

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