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“Men With Clean Hearts Can Kiss My Wife’s Feet” – AlWaez Mujeeb Ullah Baig Hunzai

As discussed in this post (link), foot fetishism is the basic pillar of Nasir Uddin Hunzai’s cult within the cult of Agakhanism.

In this discussion, a missionary of Aga Khan, AlWaez Mujeeb Ullah Baig from Hunza, joined us and wholeheartedly accepted Nasir Uddin Hunzai’s foot fetishism as “the ultimate form of ibaadat (worship).”

Further, he went on to say he wouldn’t mind if any man with a “clean heart” kissed his wife’s feet. In other words, the person whose job is to guide Agakhani-Ismailis is proud to be a cuckold (Dayyuth).

This shouldn’t surprise us, because this is what Aga Khan himself preaches. He rejects Allah’s Hukm regarding Hijab and encourages his followers to be liberal and open-minded. Their public invitation to “men with clean hearts” to kiss their wives’ feet is a testament to their open-mindedness and faith in liberalism.

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