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Most Misguided Satanic Cults – an in-depth analysis

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In this episode, we shed light on the three cults of modern sub-continent, namely: Qadiyanism, Agakhanism and Goharism. We discuss the similarities between them and their root.

Some similarities between them are as follows:

Planted by the British Crown

Qadiyanism, Agakhanism and Goharism, all three of these cults were initiated and supported by the Kuffar. Our panelists explain this in detail how the British Crown plotted against Islam.

They misguided ignorant Muslims by launching con-artists like Mirza Qadiyani, Aga Khan and Gohar Shahi. All of these impostors and their followers were supported by the British Crown and even to this day, they are supported by Western powers.

In return, Agakhani-Ismailis, Qadiyanis and Goharis attack Islam and express their hatred for Allah’s Deen in all shape and form.

Ban on Qur’an

All three cults have banned their followers from reading the Qur’an. They do their best to keep them away from Qur’an and bombard them with misinterpreted selective bits and pieces of Qur’anic verses to keep their followers in darkness.

They are scared of Qur’an, because Qur’an exposes their lies.


Leaders of all the three cults were educated and instructed by Christian missionaries whose mission was to misguide ignorant Muslims and drive them away from Islam.

As a result, in the teachings and preachings of Aga Khan, Mirza Qadiyani and Gohar Shahi, you will find ideas and concepts directly copy-pasted from Christianity.

Our panelists give many examples of plagiarism, such as Trinity in Agakhanism.


All three of the cults make blasphemous claims. Aga Khan claims to be Allah’s manifestation. At the same time, he claims to be Ali (RA). Similarly, Mirza Qadiyani made blasphemous claims that he received revelation (Wahi) from Allah, etc. Likewise, Gohar Shahi was a known blasphemer.


Perennial philosophy is the concept that all religions lead to Allah; all religions are true and arrive at the same destination. But this concept is completely wrong according to Islam. As Muslims, we believe that only Islam is the true religion and the rest of the religions are all Batil.

In contrast, all three cults of Agakhanism, Qadiyanism and Goharism believe in perennialism. They preach that all paths lead to Allah.

“We are sects within Islam”

All the three cults portray themselves as sects within the fold of Islam, but that’s far from reality. They misinterpret a certain Hadith about sects and claim to be Muslims.

However, they deliberately hide that part of the Hadith, which clearly makes distinction between the sects based on Qur’an and Sunnah. None of the cults follow Qur’an and Sunnah, hence they have nothing to do with Islam.

Agakhanis, Qadiyanis and Goharis respect all religions, except Islam.

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