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Mufti Tariq Masood’s Brief Comment on Agakhanism

Someone asked a few questions about the secretive, satanic cult of Aga Khan and Mufti Tariq Masood briefly answered.

Zahir and Baatin DO NOT Clash

Qur’an definitely has a Zahir and Baatin, but that doesn’t mean the two are in clash with each other. The Agakhani belief that they possess some hidden knowledge of the Qur’an that goes against clear verses of the Qur’an is totally ignorant and misleading.

Quran’s Zahir and Batin are not contradictory.

Deformation of Islam

Agakhanis interpret, rather misinterpret, the Qur’an according to liberal philosophies of Aga Khan and his western allies. They call it Baatin. Ironically, there’s nothing hidden or Baatin about liberalism. Liberal philosophy is public information.

Aga Khan desires Islam to have a similar reformation, rather deformation, as Christianity.

Prophet Muhammad’s son-in-law is NOT his biological son

Hazrat Ali (RA) was Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)’s son-in-law, not his biological son. Hazrat Ali never claimed to be the direct or indirect descendant of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). So how on earth can Aga Khan claim to be the “direct descendant” of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)??!

Anybody can claim anything. Aga Khan has failed to substantiate his claim, given the dozens of missing links in his Anglo-Persian lineage.

Dua does NOT supersede Salaah (Namaz)

First of all, worshiping and invoking Aga Khan, making supplication to him to forgive your sins is not Dua. That’s the opposite of Dua. That’s Shirk and Shirk invites the wrath of Allah.

Secondly, Dua does not supersede the obligatory Salaah. There is no justification for that. Dua has its own place and Salaah is Fardh (obligatory). Not performing Salaah makes us sinful!

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