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Muslims Versus Agakhani-Ismaili “Hazir Imam”

Muslims believe in Hijab as Allah’s command, but Agakhanis don’t have this belief. They reject Hijab and believe in free-mixing with the opposite sex. They call it “progress.”

According to Agakhanis, the Qur’an is a “Silent Book,” so it is replaced by Aga Khan, whom they believe is the “Walking and Talking Qur’an.”

In Agakhanism, Aga Khan is above Allah’s Shariah; he can freely mix with the opposite sex and get into illicit relationships with them. As a result, following his liberal lifestyle, Agakhani-Ismailis get the message that liberalism is the way to go.

Aga Khan preaches them liberalism, not just by words, but by actions as well. Agakhanis always try to ridicule Muslims for believing in Hijab and Allah’s commands. They call them “backward.” However, as an example, it is clear in the video who has dignity and who lacks it by following in the footsteps of the Kuffar and compromising Islam to appease them.

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Aga Khan's Dark Noor

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