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My Journey to Right Path – Revert Story of Br. Jariya

السلام علیکم و رحمۃ اللہ و برکاتہ

My Name is M.Jariya and this is my Revert Story

I am from Bombay India. I belong to a middle-class family. My father was in the Ismaili volunteer services and he was one of the head captains of volunteers in two states of India, Maharashtra, and Gujarat.  He was involved in my sewas communities like Dahisar, Chitravad, and Mira road. Because of his service for Ismaili Jamat, he received the title of “Huzur Mukhi”  by Aghakhan. On many occasions, Jamat khana’s mukhi would take advice from my father in the matters of Jamati activities. my father was a respected personality in our Ismaili community because of his services for Aga Khan and for Ismaili Jamat.

I was brainwashed by my father and Aga Khan’s paid missionaries known as al- waezein from my childhood. My family was a staunch Ismaili family, as I have already explained my father’s reputation in the community. From a very young age, I had many questions about Ismailism which I always had in my mind, but I never dared to ask them because of the fear I had at that time. But today I would like to share some of the questions raised in my mind at that time and later on, I saw the reality.

Here are some examples of activities happening in the everyday life of an Ismaili in Jamat khana. Whenever I asked mukhis and missionaries about these activities and Questions, I get all kinds of weird responses from them.

Question 1: If Ismaili Agahanis are Muslims, who we are following?

When I asked this question, I was told that we are only supposed to follow them (Mukhi and Missionaries) since they are the appointees of Aga Khan and whatever the guidance given to them is directed by the  Imam himself,  but as far as I know and confirm that none of any missionary or mukhi from our area Jamat Khana ever met the imam directly. when I confronted them they get hostile and some of them even replied to me that they get the direction from the imam in their hearts. like imam speaks to them in their minds.

Then the question is that if that is the case how one will know that whatever he is receiving in his heart is from Allah, Imam, or from Shaitan? How does a person distinguish between divine or satanic revelations?

Question 2: If we are Muslims, what commandments of Allah do we obey?

Muslims around the world perform wudhu before offering salah, they offer 5 daily prayers, they fast in the month of Ramzan, they give zakah, and they also perform Hajj in the month of Zil hajj. All these commandments are in Quran and hadees.  But as an ismaili we are not instructed to do ritual ablution before our prayers, there is no concept of ghusl, we are instructed to perform 3 times our ismaili dua instead of salah, our dua has no Ruku, qayam, aur tash’had.

fasting is not obligatory in Ismailism, instead, we as Ismaili keep different types of Fast such as “Shah Mowla nu Roza” “shukervari been” and “Sati maa nu rozo”.

Instead of 2.5% yearly zakat, we give 12.5% of our gross monthly income to our imam. and we were not allowed to give the charity to the poor, since it was said that this 12.5% of Dasoond is only for the imam and it is imam’s authority to choose where he wants to give it.

just like salah, fasting, and zakah, Ismailis don’t go for hajj, for Ismailis looking at their imam personally is equivalent to Hajj. because for Ismaili the Imam is the living Kabah.

but when I looked for all these Dua, Dasoond, Beej, Deedar, etc, I couldn’t see them in Quran, nor in Hadees or even from the way of Ahle Bayat. I asked myself that if we are Muslims, why our ways are so different from other Muslims.

Question 3: Why Jamat Khana’s doors are closed for non-Ismailis?

as I live in India I used to see that every religion like Hindu, Sikhism Christianity, welcomes other people to their worship places and never stops them to witness their activities and they would openly tell them about their religion. whenever I am with my Muslim friends, I would go to the masjid with them and nobody close the doors. But I used to ask myself what is the reason that a non-ismaili is not allowed in our Jamat khanas. What are we hiding? And usually, I got the answer that just like non-Muslims are not allowed to enter Mecca, we will not allow any non-ismaili to enter our Jamat khana. but that was a wrong answer since we never say that non-Ismailis are non-Muslims, infact hazir imam himself addresses all the non-ismaili, Muslims as Muslims. so why these paid missionaries are giving me lame answers.

Question 4: Why did Jamat Khana appointees ask us to perform voluntary duties in front of Hindu temples? but never outside Masjids? 

In India whenever there is a Hindu festival goes on, Ismaili scouts, bands, and volunteers were told to perform the services outside their religious places. and we did perform these duties in good or bad weather. But whenever there is an Islamic celebration, we were never told to give the same services to our Muslim brothers and sisters, and this question came into many minds, do we love Hindus more than Muslims? and if that is the reason then, what is our relationship of Ismailism with Hinduism?

Question 5: Why Ismaili Don’t read or understand Quran?

Since my childhood, I never saw Quran in my house or in Jamat khana. We were never instructed to read it. Whenever we get Talika Mubarak from Hazir Imam AgaKhan, we kissed it like Divine scripture from Allah. Whenever Mukhi reads Talika Mubarak from Imam in Jamat Khana, the Ismailis cry and pray to the imam at that moment. Whenever someone asked any question, mukhi and missionaries will try to answer it through their own understanding and they never refer to Quran. When I asked them the reason, they would tell me “why would I need Quran when I got an imam who is a “Natiq e Quran” mean a speaking Quran”. But this doesn’t seem right, because we all know that Hazir imam Aga Khan doesn’t know how to recite Quran. Infact we never heard Aga Khan reciting Kalima in front of Jamat.

We got not a single book in which imam ever wrote the Tafsir of Quran. This was all so so messed up.

These were some of the questions which shook my mind at that time, but other than that when I see the activities in Jamat Khana then things become darker!let me share a few of them here

Corruption in all Jamathkhana activities

Ismailism is all about collection and donations. And where ever money is involved, corruption comes as dowry. Rules of Jamat Khanas are: If you are rich you are well welcome by Jamatkhana members and mukhis. Even in the funeral department, corruption is at its peak. These so-called divinely appointed mukhis of Aga Khan will extort money from the family of the deceased in the name of Imam’s forgiveness. If a person has no money they will not conduct the ceremony as it should be done.

From Dua karavi to all majlis, the poor are neglected while the rich get heaven.

This corruption clearly can be seen at the time of Nandi when the rich get to bet and take the food with him, while the mukhis enjoy the money and the poor face remains sad with neglect and disappointment. Even dead are not spared, even after their passing, these Jamati appointees extort money from family for many years in Roohani and Lifes Majlis.

Worshiping Hindu Lords along with Imam

Its was never came to my mind, that why our ancestors used to take the names of Hindu lords in their daily prayers. After some research, I found out that it was actually the 48th Imam Sultan Aga Khan who instructed the mukhis of India to explain the concept of Das Avatar to the Ismaili Jamat. Even in one of the famous court cases in India known as “Haji Bibbi Case”, Sultan Aga Khan presented the Ismaili dua which had Hindu lords “Krishna and Vishnu” names in it. The mind becomes numb when you read the book “Das avatar” in which they claim that Mowla Ali’s 2nd reincarnation was Korbha (Wild boar- a type of wild pig) Astaghfirullah. 

read the book now for further proof: Dus Avatar retyped and recompiled by al waez Huzur Mukhi Feroz Ladha

Aga Khan made Halal what Allah swt made it Haram

All the Ismailis including many of my relatives were involved in the alcohol business, but when I see Muslims who avoid these types of business. Questions came into my mind, what are the things Allah had made Haram for us. So when I started my research, it was shocking for me to find that not only alcohol business is haram, interest, gambling and selling pork meat is haram also. But it was alarming for me to see that my imam does all the businesses which Allah has made haram for Muslims.

Aga Khan sells wine and alcohol in his Serena hotels: The Mist Bar | Dining at Kampala Serena (serenahotels.com)

Aga Khan sells Pork meat in East Africa under the company name “Farmer’s Choice”: akfed-kenya-43467.jpg | Aga Khan Development Network (akdn.org)

Riba is haram in Islam, but Aga Khan also does this business and take an interest


Aga Khan also Gamble in Dublin horse show: Aga Khan Friday Package | Dublin Horse Show – 17- 21 August, 2022

Why Ismailis don’t ponder on the ways of their imam. For me, it was a light bulb moment and things were obvious. The Aga Khan Cant be an Imam or Ahle Bayat.


Ismailism is all about money, power, and status


Every Ismaili is struggling in Jamat Khana. Everyone tries to show off their wealth, power, and status. For Ismaili ladies, the display of their beauty, jewelry, and fashion is the main goal of their life. Poor always sits in the corner and Jamat Khana is like a big mall where everyone is showcasing whatever they got, their kids, their wives, money, and power. It’s a place where money can take you near to Imam and the poor has to sit outside majlis. sins can be forgiven if you got money, you can be a member of big shot majlis if you have money.

more money you pay, more nearer you get to mowla and heaven – that is Ismailism!

I have so much to tell but let’s come to the part where I started my journey and took my first step towards Islam.

I went to the United Kingdom with My brother in law who is a Muslim, yes my sister got married to a Muslim. There I started working in Restaurant and all the staff at this restaurant was Muslims. While they ask me my introduction I told them I am Muslim but later they caught me as I was not following any of Muslims’ activities like namaz, zakat, fasting in Ramadan. So my colleagues ask me questions every day, about why I am not following any of the Islamic ways and later I admitted that I am an Ismaili, not a Muslim.

The Staff members started asking me questions about my Ismaili Faith which I explained to them in detail. they were shocked to hear about my Ismaili religion and they told me outright that I was doing shirk. At that time I didn’t know the meaning of shirk. My colleagues were good Muslims so they started telling me about Islam and asking me to read Quran and I always refuse them due to my strict family rules. But it was not only my coworkers telling me about reading Quran but my sister also requested me to once read the Quran and I started reading the Quran the very next day and read its translation.

I also read the book on the life of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and I got interested in reading and learning about the seerah of Rasoolullah saw, later I compare Agha Khan’s lifestyles and his activities and there was not a single thing matching with our beloved Prophets (SAW) and Hazrat Ali a.s. Infact Aga Khan’s life is full of playboy adventures.

And then later that day I found this one news about Agha Khan getting beaten by some roadside thugs and I thought that if Aga Khan has power and he really knows the future then he should at least know what is going to happen in his own life.


According to Ismaili Jamat Aga Khan is everywhere and they use the term  “Hazar ul Maujood Imam”. but sadly they avoid such news regarding imam where he and his family members are suffering on daily basis. They become deaf, dumb, and blind when it comes to Hazir Imam’s personal life.

The truth was now visible! I left India where we were kept blind from all these types of news which shows the reality of our so-called Demi- god AgaKhan.

I faced many difficulties when I accepted Islam as my family, relatives, friends were against me. They constantly reminded me how Muslims are terrorists and how they molest young kids in madrasas after reading Quran.  I was also against Muslims and the reason was the constant rumbling of Jamati Mukhis and Missionaries who used to tell us all day long, how we are different from Muslims and how a Muslim gets corrupted after reading the Quran without the guidance of the Imam. According to famous al waez Abu Ali, if a person reads Quran without Imam’s guidance they can become terrorists and molesters since Quran talks about Jihad and marrying more than one wife and keeping female slaves.

but that is totally false, when I read Quran it was clear like a crystal. and it was nothing like these missionaries use to tell us.

My friends always ask me to think about my decision and stay on Ismailism but I always give them one reply that is how can I go back to Ismailism when I know that it is a False religion, I am not that stupid.

I had to face many issues and problems after accepting Islam but if I compare my sufferings with the suffering and pain of our sahabas (prophet’s companion) my issue and pain were not even 1% in comparison. I was happy in my religion now and I found peace in it.

Later my parent’s lost all hopes to bring me back to Ismailism but they want me to help them in Jamati’s works and services so that they don’t have to give answers to relatives and members of Jamat about my absences. Whenever I visit them in India, I would help them by taking them to Jamat Khana or any other work. Nothing was changed, they still dance like Bollywood heroes and heroines, the same man-made stories about the statuses of Imam. Same routine corruption, money game, and fraud in Jamat Khana. It was the final blow for me. And I quit behaving like a double-standard person.

My parents saw the change in me after accepting Islam

My father used to tell me that if I marry an ismaili girl he would be very happy. I married an ismaili girl. She was a practicing Ismaili. a firm believer in Aga Khan, but each day I was explaining to her the real Islam and showed her how to worship Allah as Allah wants us. She become more and more interested in Islam and she used to ask me questions about the prophet’s PBUH life and his ways.

And the moment came, finally my wife accepted Islam and I was so happy and I became hopeful that someday my mother will also accept real din e, Islam.

My father passed away in 2018 so I become obsessed with saving my mom before she go to Allah (SWT). My mother used to always tell me that she knows what is wrong and what is right as she already read the whole Quran, she knows Islam is the only right religion but she told me she doesn’t want to accept Islam as her religion is from her great grandfathers and she doesn’t want to go against them. She told me that my father died as an Ismaili so she would like to die as an ismaili too, not as a Muslim. She was scared of community pressure as she saw ismaili people giving me hard time after accepting Islam. But in my prayers, I always ask help from Allah (SAW) and he always protected me. Alhamdulillah

My wife became pregnant and I was happy, but our relatives, family members even my in-laws were not showing any care towards my wife. They didn’t even call my wife just because she became Muslim. And it was the harshest behavior we saw from Ismaili Freinds and their family. They have forsaken us just because we were offering salah instead of Ismaili dua and we were not paying money to Aga Khan for his lavish Ayyashi, and we were not singing and dancing in Jamat Khanas like these other stupid people. My wife needed her family the most at this time, but they never called us. The only time we received a phone call was from Jamat Khana telling us that they will celebrate our child’s coming if we come to Jamat Khana. I told them straight to their face that I will not step in that place where you worship Aga Khan and I will welcome my child alone, but will never bring my innocent newborn in that Kufri place!

Ismaili people should think that how they call themselves, Muslim when they even don’t follow any of the fundamentals of Islam?

I always  Ismaili people and think that is this Islam? Or is this a joke in the name of  Islam???

They called Aghakhan as their Mushkil Khusha, Noor Maula Hazar imam, Noor of Ali, Noor of Allah. If you study about Aghakhan family and his history, his all wives were bikini models with Jew or Christian backgrounds.

Agha khan is a  person with a European, un Islamic lifestyle. How can I take him as an Imam who looks like a jew and Christian who spends our money on white models on boats and yachts?

When his own life is shaking after multiple divorces, how can he give barakah in our marriages?

There is a big list of Aga Khan’s bad character and conduct in my mind which assures me that leaving Ismailism was the best decision of my life.

Yes, I am still giving dawah to my mother, Allah blessed me with a cute baby boy. I am happy that he will not endure what I endured. He will always tell everyone that he is a born Muslims Alhamdulillah. Me and my wife, still facing challenges in our family. Nobody talks to us. Allah gave me a Muslima wife, a healthy son and above all I got emaan. Who needs the world when I have Allah!

My message to all the brothers and sisters who are afraid to accept Islam

It may seem to you that leaving family and friends for Islam is hard, I will not tell you that it’s not hard. It’s difficult but not impossible. if you truly love Allah you will be fearless, but if your fear the world, this Dunia will scare you more on your every step. Recite your shahadah and take your step. Allah will protect you and give you peace. just like Allah gave me peace and barakah.

Assalamu alaikum wa Rehamatullahi wa Barakatuhu

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