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Notorious Case of Haji Bibi Versus Aga Khan | Property Dispute in Aga Khan’s Family

The Haji Bibi Case was a 1908 court case in the Bombay High Court heard by Justice Russell. Haji Bibi was a family member of the Aga Khans. She accused the then Aga Khan of murdering her father and brother over property dispute.

The case was fundamentally a dispute over the inheritance of the estate of Hasan Ali Shah, a Persian nobleman with the title Aga Khan I and the hereditary leader of the Ismaili community.

In this episode, we try to summarize judgement of the case, which consists of 27 pages.

One interesting aspect of the case is, Aga Khan claimed to follow the Hindu inheritance law, instead of Islam. He did so in order to deprive Haji Bibi of her rightful share in the inherited properties.

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Aga Khan's Dark Noor

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