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“Rasul Allah Lied about Qur’an,” Ismaili Missionary Claims

Fazal Karim, a self-proclaimed AgaKhani scholar who studied AgaKhanism for 15 years, claims that Qur’an was not revealed from Allah via Jibraeel (AS), rather it was written by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) himself. But as Muhammad (pbuh) had to convince the polytheists of Makkah, he did Taqqiyah and made up the “story” of Jibareel (AS) carrying the Word of Allah to him. Jibraeel (AS) was an imaginary character based on the stories and myths prevalent in Makkah at that time, the AgaKhani claims.

So in other words, AgaKhanis not only deny Qur’an to be the Word (Kalam) of Allah, but also they deny the existence of angel Jibraeel (AS) and accuse Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to be a liar who would make up stories to convince the polytheists of Makkah.

If these deviant beliefs of AgaKhanis don’t take them out of the fold of Islam, what else could?! Most Muslims are not aware of the Kufr in AgaKhanism because AgaKhanis never discuss their beliefs in public. But Fazal Karim, just like Khalil Andani, is very confident to justify the Kufr in AgaKhanism. The question is, when will Muslims wake up to call out this deviant cult of Aga Khan just like they called out Qadiyanism?!

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