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The Hollowness of Agakhanism – An Intellectual Conversation

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Ex-Ismaili brother Rafique gives concrete proof about the corruption and hollowness in Ismailism.

Topics discussed are:

  • Concept of cult
  • Foundations and pillars of Agakhanism or Ismailism
  • REC – Catch them Young, Catch them Fresh!
  • Propaganda machinery of Aga Khan
  • Denial technique
  • Double standards, selective morality and ethics
  • Illusion of Jamatkhana as “prayer center”
  • Money hay, tou Honey hay!
  • Different levels of corruption in Agakhanism
  • AKDN – Money laundering machine!
  • Current situation and future possibilities
  • Conclusion and a special request to Agakhani-Ismailis

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