Saturday, December 4, 2021

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Inside Story of Jamatkhanas

For visuals of the podcast, please watch: What are Agakhanis trying to hide from Muslims? Why are Muslims not allowed inside Jamatkhanas? Find out the...

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Aga Khan's Dark Noor


Mysterious Birth of Karim Aga Khan

For visuals of the podcast, please watch: Speakers: Team AgaKhanism Karim Aga Khan claims that he is descended from Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), nauzubillah. But when we...

Aga Khan’s Teachings Take Precedence Over Qur’an and Sunnah – AgaKhani Aqeedah AgaKhani Ismaili rejects Qur'an and Sunnah to follow Aga Khan's teachings. Karachi-based Karim Jumani, a blind follower of Aga Khan, comes on our show to...

Money-wasting Antics of Aga Khan (ft. ex-Ismaili brother Ali)

For visuals of the podcast, please watch: Brother Ali (ex-Ismaili) explains the money-wasting antics of Aga Khan. Tons of money is collected via JamatKhana in...

Selling and Drinking Alcohol – Islam versus AgaKhanism Aga Khan, the spiritual guide of AgaKhanism, sells and consumes alcohol, despite it being Haram in Islam. Anyone can buy alcohol being sold in...

“Aga Khan is Rasul Allah,” claims an educated Ismaili

For visuals of the podcast: An educated AgaKhani claims the Qur'an is redundant and not needed in modern times. For modern times, he says we...

Aga Khan, the Pig Farmer!

Many Ismailis deny that their "spiritual father" Aga Khan is involved in Haram businesses. So we have collected all evidence for you on his...

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