Wednesday, January 26, 2022

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Most Misguided Satanic Cults – an in-depth analysis

For visuals of the podcast, please watch: In this episode, we shed light on the three cults of modern sub-continent, namely: Qadiyanism, Agakhanism and Goharism....

Agakhani-Ismaili Missionaries - Salesmen of Aga Khan

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Aga Khan's Dark Noor

Can of Worms – Aga Khan’s ex-Wife Revealed all Secrets

For visuals of the podcast, please watch: The cat is out of the bag! Aga Khan III's ex-wife exposed all secrets. What are the facts and what...

Muslims Versus Agakhani-Ismaili “Hazir Imam” Muslims believe in Hijab as Allah's command, but Agakhanis don't have this belief. They reject Hijab and believe in free-mixing with the opposite sex....

Aga Khan Loves Music and Dance Agakhani-Ismailis believe Aga Khan - who loves everything that is forbidden in Islam - is the reincarnation of Ali (RA) and the manifestation of...

Australian Newspaper Covers Agakhani-Ismaili God’s Bathwater

An Australian newspaper published this article: Allah’s Bathwater Sells at a High Price We acquired the article from the archives of the newspaper, which is...

TIME Magazine on Aga Khan’s Expensive Bathwater

The TIME magazine published an article on Aga Khan's bathwater being sold to his loyal followers at a high price inside the Jamatkhanas. The...

Mysterious Birth of Karim Aga Khan

For visuals of the podcast, please watch: Speakers: Team AgaKhanism Karim Aga Khan claims that he is descended from Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), nauzubillah. But when we...

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