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The Ismaili & Islam Debate – Is Ismailism from Islam?

Elaina Ali (Ex. Ismaili)  talks to M. Punjwani (Ismaili) on the topic of " Is Ismailism from Islam" kia Ismailism Islam ka hissa hai? Watch the...

Agakhani-Ismaili Missionaries - Salesmen of Aga Khan

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Aga Khan's Dark Noor

What is Ismailism/AgaKhanism?

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Hazir Imam Aga Khan’s Jumma Package

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Notorious Case of Haji Bibi Versus Aga Khan | Property Dispute in Aga Khan’s Family

The Haji Bibi Case was a 1908 court case in the Bombay High Court heard by Justice Russell. Haji Bibi was a family member...

Begum Om Habibeh Aga Khan – Wife of Aga Khan III

Om Habibeh's real name was Yvonne Blanche Labrousse. She was Sultan M. Shah Aga Khan's wife. In the West, Aga Khan's wife would dress...

Is Gambling Halal for Aga Khan? | Casinos and Spirituality

The following press clippings have been taken from different Western newspapers and Aga Khan's own memoirs. It seems Aga Khan's gambling practice is not hidden...

Karim Aga Khan’s Servant Drinks Whiskey for Shifaa | Aab-e-Shifaa

Karim Aga Khan, in one of his interviews, says his servant "Sallo" drinks Whiskey for Shifaa (physical and spiritual well-being). As a devoted Agakhani-Ismaili,...

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