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10 Reasons Why Ismailis Leave Ismailism

Dozens of AgaKhanis contact us every week with their doubts about AgaKhanism. So far, hundreds of AgaKhanis have left the heretic cult of Aga...

Australian Newspaper Covers Agakhani-Ismaili God’s Bathwater

An Australian newspaper published this article: Allah’s Bathwater Sells at a High Price We acquired the article from the archives of the newspaper, which is available...

50 Shades of Aga Khan, the Ismaili Guide!

Hush-Hush Magazine (1963) covers the story of young Karim Aga Khan and his secret affair with Annouchka von Meks on page 15 of this...

CHALLENGE: Prove this Picture is Fake and We’ll Pay You Cash...

We often hear from staunch followers of Aga Khan that the images taken by paparazzi and various media outlets such as Tatler.com are “fake.” So we are...