Das Avatar in Ismailism – The Blasphemous Claim that Ali was Hindu Lord Vishnu


The blasphemous Ismāʿīlī belief that ʿAlī Radeyallāhu ′Anhu was the tenth incarnation of the Hindu Lord Vishu. This belief has not only been preached by the Ismāʿīlī missionaries but has been presented by Aga Khan himself in the Bombay High Court. This not only puts Ismāʿīlīsm at a distance from mainstream ’Islām but establishes a close link between Ismāʿīlīsm and...

Imam and our Tariqah

imam and our tariqah

Click to Download or read the book: Book 4.1 Imam and our Tariqah This book presents a controversial concept that is blasphemous: it asserts that the Imam is Ali and Ali is Allah. It features dual sides, with one in English and the other in Urdu. To read the Urdu side, begin from the end. If you like our work, do...

Kalaam-e-Imaam-E-Mubin Farmans of Imam Sultan Mohammed Shah

Kalam e imam e mubin

Click to Download or read the book: Part 1: Kalaam-e-Imaam-E-Mubin Farmans of Imam Sultan Mohammed Shah Part 2: Kalaam-e-Imaam-E-Mubin Farmans of Imam Sultan Mohammed Shah A rare book on the Farman's of the 48th Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah. This book was abruptly discontinued due to its controversial statements, which caused trouble in the Ismaili Community. It took us six years to acquire...

Karim Aga Khan’s Servant Drinks Whiskey for Shifaa | Aab-e-Shifaa

Aga Khan marries model

Karim Aga Khan’s Servant Drinks Whiskey for Shifaa | Aab-e-Shifaa Karim Aga Khan, in one of his interviews, says his servant “Sallo” drinks Whiskey for Shifaa (physical and spiritual well-being). As a devoted Agakhani-Ismaili, Mr. Sallo drank Aga Khan’s bathwater (Aab-e-Shifaa) for 50 years, but it did not “cure” his health issues. That’s why, after consulting doctors, Karim Aga Khan says he...

Is Gambling Halal for Aga Khan? | Casinos and Spirituality


The following press clippings have been taken from different Western newspapers and Aga Khan’s memoirs. It seems Aga Khan’s gambling practice is not hidden from the media and he is not ashamed of it. However, Aga Khan’s followers try to hide it from Muslims and pretend their imam is not involved in gambling. One newspaper says, “Even though he is the head...

Church Wedding of the Impostors who Claim to be Descendant of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ


In this Reuters’ archive video from 1936, Aga Khan’s son Aly Salman Khan (father of Karim Shah, current Aga Khan) poses after getting married to Joan Yarde-Buller (mother of Karim Shah, current Aga Khan) in a Church. Joan left Guinness for Prince Aly Khan, the eldest son of Aga Khan III, the 48th Imam of the Nizari Ismailis, and Guinness successfully...

Selling and Drinking Alcohol – Islam versus AgaKhanism


Allah has mentioned in the Quran that alcohol is forbidden, and it falls under the category of sin if consumed intentionally.  No doubt alcohol is intoxicating and contains a substance that makes people lose their minds. It says in the hadith, “Every intoxicant is khamr, and every khamr is haram (forbidden).” 1- Allah has forbidden alcohol and stated that it is...

Why I left Agakhanism?! Story of an ex-Agakhani


  I wanted to tell everyone why I chose to leave Agakhanism. Dear Agakhanis, I’m not trying to be mean or insult your beliefs, I just want to have an honest conversation with you as an ex-Agakhani myself. I want to tell you why I went from being a blind follower of Aga Khan to embracing Islam and becoming a slave of...

Trailer: Ismaili Aghakhanis Facing Aga Khan’s picture instead of Kaba, inside Jamat Khana


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Zahra Aga Khan Expresses Her Happiness with Champagne and Kisses


    Smashing champagne on a ship, Zahra Aga Khan follows the British culture and hugs and kisses her male friend to express her happiness in front of an audience. Ismali mureeds are not allowed to witness these events, because it might upset them to see the loose character of Aga Khan’s daughter. If you like our work, do support us by clicking...