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10 Reasons Why Ismailis Leave Ismailism

Dozens of AgaKhanis contact us on a weekly basis with their doubts in AgaKhanism. So far, hundreds of AgaKhanis have left the heretic cult of Aga Khan and have accepted Islam as their faith, alhamdullilah.

We have listed 10 most common reasons why AgaKhanis leave AgaKhanism:

1. Denial of the 5 Pillars of Islam

Qur’an is the final book of Allah, which Allah promised to keep preserved forever. The implementation of Qur’an as the Source of Law has been transmitted to us through the Sunnah of Rasul Allah (pbuh).

Allah’s Ahkaam (commands) regarding the 5 Pillars of Islam are crystal-clear in Qur’an and through the Sunnah of Allah’s last and final Messenger Muhammad (pbuh). We know it exactly how to offer Salaah (namaz), observe Sawm (fasting), perform Hajj and pay Zakat.

But AgaKhanism denies all of it and misinterprets the 5 Pillars of Islam according to the whims and desires of Aga Khan and the modern times. This huge clash between AgaKhanism and Islam makes some AgaKhanis realize that AgaKhanism and Islam are poles apart. As a result, they leave the Kufr of AgaKhanism.

2. Sunnah of Rasul Allah (pbuh)

AgaKhanis are brainwashed to believe that Aga Khan is their spiritual father and mother — both in one body. They are told to follow all of his words literally and ignore his private life as an example to follow. So when Aga Khan is partying and clubbing, they are told that it is his “private life.”

In other words, Aga Khan provides no guidance to his followers on how to lead their private lives. The guidance on private affairs of life is completely null and void for AgaKhanis, because they are not allowed to follow Aga Khan’s private life as their exemplar.

On the other hand, Muslims get their guidance on both public and private matters of life directly from their last and final prophet Muhammad (pbuh)’s Sunnah. They have guidance on everything. Rasul Allah’s private life is an open book for Muslims to follow.

To fill this void in their lives, many AgaKanis embrace Islam and find complete guidance in the Qur’an and Sunnah of Rasul Allah (pbuh).

3. Discrimination in JamatKhana

The inequality and discrimination in JamatKhana based on wealth and social status is a major factor. The wealthier AgaKhanis are treated differently than the less privileged ones. Those who spend more money are given extra importance in JamatKhana rituals than the ones who cannot afford to pay as much amount. Those AgaKhanis who are unable pay the JamatKhana membership fees are not even allowed to enter the premises.

Hence, many AgaKhanis compare this materialistic discrimination that’s inbuilt in AgaKhanism to the absolute equality in Islam and how Muslims of all social classes pray in the same row without any distinction.

It is clear that AgaKhanism discriminates based on material wealth. This makes the less privileged AgaKhanis reconsider their faith. They reach the conclusion that AgaKhanism is nothing, but a financial scam.

4. Absence of Hijab and Taqwa (piety)

The absence of Hijab in JamatKhana and in the lifestyle of Aga Khan and his entire family is another factor, which compels many conscious AgaKhanis to think how AgaKhanism preaches nothing, but liberalism.

Allah’s Hukum (order) regarding Hijab is considered a “backwards mindset” in AgaKhanism. Men and women freely intermingle inside the so-called prayer halls of JamatKhana. In western JamatKhanas, most AgaKhani women don’t even wear Shalwar Kameez. Women in yoga pants and skirts showing legs inside the JamatKhana prayer halls is a common sight, especially in North America.

This prompts some AgaKhanis to recognize the absence of Taqwa (piety) in AgaKhanism, which claims to be the bastion of “spiritual excellence” under the so-called guidance of Aga Khan. But as we know, spirituality cannot be achieved without Taqwa (piety). So AgaKhanis who miss Hijab and Taqwa in their lives, in due course, say goodbye to AgaKhanism and revert to Islam.

5. Double Life of Aga Khan

When Aga Khan visits Muslim-majority countries, he and his family wear eastern attire. His womenfolk put on Saari and try to look eastern by copying Indian fashion. Aga Khan, himself, tries to look like Jawaharlal Nehru.

But when they switch back to their extravagant palaces in France, Portugal and other western European countries, the so-called “Noorani Family” tries to copy Fashion TV models with their semi-naked costumes.

Aga Khan’s daughter, Zahra Aga Khan, is seen with champagne bottles, hugging men and getting drunk. And Aga Khan, himself, is seen rolling with prostitutes on private yachts and living the playboy life to the fullest.

This leaves many AgaKhanis with the confusion to choose between the various lives of Aga Khan. They finally get tired of Aga Khan’s double life and choose to follow Allah’s Deen by becoming Muslims and leaving AgaKhanism.

6. Sajdah (prostration) to Allah

In JamatKhanas and all AgaKhani homes, the picture of Aga Khan is considered the holiest of the holy. AgaKhanis consider Aga Khan to be the Mazhar (manifestation) of Allah. So they bow down to his photos and prostrate to him in their daily lives.

Many AgaKhanis doing this kind of practice feel lost between AgaKhanism and Hinduism. Because just like AgaKhanis, Hindus also pray to statues, cows, etc.

Some AgaKhanis get influenced by their Muslim friends and try to perform Sajdah (prostration) to Allah alone. When they do this, they feel absolute harmony and spiritual rejuvenation within their souls.

Tawheed is something they never experience in their lives as AgaKhanis. So a sincere Sajdah (prostration) to Allah alone changes their lives forever and they become Muslims.

7. Shirk in AgaKhanism

AgaKhanis are not allowed to read the Qur’an and its translation. They are discouraged by their JamatKhana to study the Qur’an, so most of them know nothing about Qur’an and the Ahkaam (commands) of Allah.

The only thing AgaKhanis are allowed to read is the Ginan, which is a collection of poetry in Gujrati and contains very heretic, polytheistic ideas. A large majority of AgaKhanis in the northern areas of Pakistan do not understand the language of Ginan. They just recite the Ginan like a parrot.

So in short, most AgaKhanis don’t know what’s in the Ginan and what’s in the Kalam of Allah (the Holy Qur’an). They are ignorant of both. However, when they read with understanding; they are instantly convinced that the Ginan is filled with Shirk (polytheism) and that Qur’an is all about Tawheed.

8. Recitation of the Qur’an

Allah’s Kalam (the Holy Qur’an) has the power to melt even the hardest of hearts. Many people become Muslims just by listening to the recitation of the Qur’an. Similarly, some AgaKhanis become Muslim when the beauty of Allah’s Kalam touches and moves the inner strings of their hearts.

9. Personal Experiences, Events and Tragedies

Some AgaKhanis get signs from Allah in the form of dreams. Whereas, others get into different issues pertaining to their private lives such as divorce in which they find no guidance in AgaKhanim. For others, events like death, marriage etc., play a major role in exposing the deviance of AgaKhanism. So they repent and sincerely seek the Truth (Haqq) and this leads them to Allah’s Deen.

10. Missionaries Avoiding Questions

Last but not least, when AgaKhanis approach their missionaries with questions and doubts, instead of giving answers, the missionaries try their best to beat around the bush and discourage questioning.

This makes the AgaKhanis feel disheartened and dissatisfied with their religion. But the burning desire to get answers keeps them motivated to seek the Truth (Haqq). Their questions and doubts are answered by Muslims and this is why they embrace Islam.

To hear directly from ex-AgaKhanis, please do listen to this special episode.


After listening to all the revert stories, we arrive at the conclusion that guidance is only from Allah. Those who seek guidance ultimately get guidance from Allah through various means.

So always keep praying to Allah and keep asking for His guidance! May Allah keep all our revert Muslim brothers and sisters steadfast on Islam and may Allah make them a source of guidance for other AgaKhanis who are still stuck in the heretic cult of Aga Khan, which is nothing, but a money-making machine for his lavish lifestyle.

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  1. There are always two sides of the coin, the good thing about agakhan is he is very wise and under his guidance , ismaili community has made tremendous progress, his emphasis on education, health and pluralism is praisworthy. Agakhan is not the problem, but ismailism is the big problem especially all the practices followed in jamatkhana. I am 32 years old ismaili who always asked so many questions about our practices to so many people, but never got any satisfactory answer. yes it is true that the entire faith and all the practices in jamatkhana revolves around only one thing – money. Rich are given respect and poor are treated badly in jamatkhana. Overall approach of all the jamati leaders is always that how to extract more and more money from jamat in one way or another. Entry fees for attending certain majlis and those who can not afford, create pressure on them, I personally consider Aga khan as great leader in wordly matters, he is a great visonary, but when it comes to religion, his entire system is just money money and money.


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