Hush-Hush Magazine (1963) covers the story of young Karim Aga Khan and his secret affair with Annouchka von Meks on page 15 of this attached magazine’s PDF:

“If the young Aga Khan marries his bikini mistress — he will die! “…his teenage mistress is just too blonde, too white…” (Hush Hush Magazine, v. 9 no. 44)

Below is the complete copy of the Hush Hush Magazine: LINK

This is the person whom the Ismaili community considers “ma’soom,” which means innocent and sinless. Funny as it sounds, naive people believe this and pay him their hard-earned money, expecting him to grant them eternal salvation and forgiveness of their sins.

Blind followers have made him one of the richest con artists who spent most of his Jamat Khana income on women, filthy parties, and private yachts, but Ismailis are happy that their guide is ma’soom (sinless).

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