Karim Aga Khan’s Servant Drinks Whiskey for Shifaa | Aab-e-Shifaa

Karim Aga Khan, in one of his interviews, says his servant “Sallo” drinks Whiskey for Shifaa (physical and spiritual well-being). As a devoted Agakhani-Ismaili, Mr. Sallo drank Aga Khan’s bathwater (Aab-e-Shifaa) for 50 years, but it did not “cure” his health issues. That’s why, after consulting doctors, Karim Aga Khan says he “allowed” Mr. Sallo to consume alcohol for better health results.

Interview: Why the Ismaili Imam married a non-Ismaili – Khaama Press

Agakhani-Ismailis treat their imam, Karim Aga Khan, as Aql-e-Kul, meaning the All-Knowing. However, Aga Khan says he has no idea how all the money collected at Jamatkhanas is being spent. He also relied on a doctor to tell him about Sallo’s health needs, which means he is not the All-Knowing imam, as the Agakhani-Ismailis proclaim.

In the same interview, Karim Aga Khan also says he carries a prayer rug with him all the time whenever he is traveling and always prays 5 times a day. This should come as a shock to all the Agakhani-Ismailis who don’t believe in Islam’s 5 daily obligatory prayers.

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