The following press clippings have been taken from different Western newspapers and Aga Khan’s memoirs.

It seems Aga Khan’s gambling practice is not hidden from the media and

he is not ashamed of it. However, Aga Khan’s followers try to hide it from Muslims and pretend their imam is not involved in gambling.

One newspaper says, “Even though he is the head of a religious body, the Ag

a Khan is quite a gambler.”

Is gambling allowed in Agakhanism?! We must seek an answer from devoted Agakhanis-Ismailis.


Aga Khan was a constant visitor to the tables at the casino, according to one report.

One non-Muslim lady says, “Although the Quran prohibits gambling, this so-called 43rd descendant of the Prophet was a law unto himself – a demigod strutting about the casinos at


Cannes and Monte Carlo.” 

“Not only does the Aga Khan devote himself to the pleasures of the alcove, the race-course, the ballroom, and the casino, but also to those of the table. Indeed, he prides himself on being the greatest eater alive and tickles his palate with the most exquisite dainties. Like a badly brought up child, he prefers rather to taste many things  than to satisfy himself with few, and disdains simplicity in eating.”

In Islam, simplicity is considered one of the top virtues of a Muslim as the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) himself led a very simple life. But Aga Khan has a disdain for the Sunnah of simplicity.

“Aga Khan has been seen frequently in Riviera casinos and nightspots.”

“Aga Khan is a well-known figure at the fashionable spas, at the gambling casinos and at prize-fights.”

We ask our Agakhani-Ismaili readers to tell us how an “imam” can spend his life gambling at casinos. How can such a misguided person claim to guide millions of people?! Please think about it.

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